Right to Food

In hardly any other area are the contradictions of capitalism as evident as in agriculture and nutrition. Our food is a commodity, the contents of which are as little understood as the social and environmental conditions under which it is produced. Biodiversity, fertile soils and water resources are becoming increasingly scarce. Corporate power in Germany exerts price pressure on agricultural producers. In the Global South, farmers are are having their land and seed control expropriated. Agricultural workers across the global supply chains are being exploited.

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Right to Food, Social Rights

False Promises

INKOTA-netzwerk and Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung

Jul. 2020

Right to a Healthy Environment, Right to Food, Socio-Ecological Transformation

Hazardous Pesticides from Bayer and BASF

Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, INKOTA-netzwerk, Khanyisa, MISEREOR and Campanha Permanente Contra os Agrotóxicos e Pela Vida

Apr. 2020