Global Solidarity

The world is coming apart at the seams: social division, inequality, economic crisis, climate catastrophe and the rise of a new authoritarianism are challenging the foundations of civilisation. Saying that capitalism offers no answers will not be enough. We need effective alternatives, alternative experiments, more democracy and socialist discussions. But something else is also true, and this is especially evident in the Corona crisis: the challenges of a global world cannot be solved at the national level alone. Whether it is about the climate crisis, the necessary restructuring of the mode of production or global social justice – the social left in all its many facets, with its regional experiences, in its local struggles for a better world, this colourful world-social left must rediscover internationalism and renew it from the ground up.



Right to Peace

Expressing “Grave Concern” for Years Is Not Enough

Katja Herrmann and Karin Gerster

Nov. 2023

International Politics, Social Rights

The urgent need to repudiate debt

Anaïs Carton and Éric Toussaint

Apr. 2023

Social Rights

In Search of a Lost Future

Nelli Tügel

Apr. 2020


Social Rights

The (Re)Construction of the World

ECCHR, Feminism and the Global South, FES, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, IfS, International Institute of Political Murder, medico international, RLS

Feb. 2021