21 Jun. 2022

Trans*, NB and gender non-conforming workers in international Geneva


Report presentation

Report presentation

You are warmly invited to attend the presentation and discussion of the recently released report “Trans*, non-binary and gender non-conforming workers in international Geneva: Obstacles to the full realisation of the employment rights of workers with diverse gender identities and expressions”.

  • Jan Leidecker, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Geneva Office Director, will make an introduction and briefly discuss the upcoming series of RLS webinars on the research and other outputs being produced at the Geneva office.
  • Dr. Mira Fey, report author, researcher and lecturer at Haute école de travail social Geneva, research lead of the TRANSVIS research project, will present the key findings.
  • Sahar Moazami, United Nations Program Officer at OutRight Action International, will give a perspective on these findings from New York and provide an overview of how OutRight Action International tackles the problems outlined in this report in their work.

A moderator will be confirmed shortly.

The employment situation of trans*, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming people working at different UN agencies, CERN, and other international organisations within International Geneva leaves much to be desired. Compared to private companies and other employers, these international organisations are lagging and do not ensure the full realisation of the employment rights of gender-diverse people. The main obstacles negatively affecting their everyday workplace experiences are substantive knowledge gaps on gender identity and expression, outdated forms, badges, and titles, and the lack of gender-neutral bathrooms. Key recommendations include targeted internal trainings on SOGIESC issues, an overhaul of data entry and storage systems, and adequate all-gender facilities.