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Atlas of Enslavement


A special website dedicated to the Atlas of Enslavement and with exclusive contents will be online on December 2nd, stay tuned! The Atlas of Enslavement will be released on December 2nd 2021 by the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, on the occasion of the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. It provides an in-depth analysis of the inhumane […]

Nov. 2021



Green New Deal

As we move into a new decade, humanity is facing unprecedented challenges. The ongoing climate crisis and the devastating COVID-19 pandemic are reshaping our world, exacerbating inequalities and fueling the rise of authoritarianism and nationalistic politics. Recently, a powerful narrative has emerged: the Green New Deal, a powerful call for change that brings with it hopes for delivering deep social and economic transformations. Today, the need for programmes that include the comprehensive decarbonisation and restructuring of our economies and social systems while protecting the climate from collapse has become imperative.

Right to a Healthy Environment, Social Rights, Socio-Ecological Transformation, United Nations

More Than Hot Air?

Katja Voigt, Uwe Witt, David Williams, Tetet Lauron, Till Bender

Nov. 2021

Our Work

Social Rights

We are working towards a world that guarantees social justice. The working focus on social rights aims to globally strengthen the discourse on social rights and actors involved in this field. Because social rights must always be Global Social Rights. This is to be achieved on the one hand through the media, i.e. through publications and other media products, and on the other hand through partner projects and workshops.

International Organising

Exploitation through poor social and environmental standards is the flipside of a global value chain. Wages below the comparable minimum wage, health hazards at the workplace, lack of social security in the event of illness, accident or old age, and precarious employment relationships pose major challenges worldwide. We support better networking and organisation along transnational value chains, which enables trade unions to assert the interests of employees even in globally operating corporations and globally branched production processes.

Socio-Ecological Transformation

A sustainable fight against climate change is only possible through a far-reaching socio-ecological transformation. We therefore support the promotion of the concept of "climate justice" as well as progressive "just transition" approaches and transformative adaptation measures. The goal of all efforts must be a global economic order that is resource- and climate-just and capable of ensuring the self-renewal of the planet.

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Social Rights, Socio-Ecological Transformation, United Nations

COP26: Uncovering justice gaps in Just Transitions – why technological solutions won’t solve the crises

UNRISD, Life  e.V., Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung

5 Nov. 2021

Blue Zone (with UNFCCC accreditation only), Scottish Event Campus (SEC) and live on on YouTube