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Upcoming Events

MSF International, Route de Ferney 140, 1202 Geneva Switzerland

25 May. 2024

World in flames: civil society lost in the impotence of international law

Past Events

Blue Zone (with UNFCCC accreditation only), Scottish Event Campus (SEC) and live on on YouTube

5 Nov. 2021

COP26: Uncovering justice gaps in Just Transitions – why technological solutions won’t solve the crises



Right to a Healthy Environment, United Nations

The Fight for the Right to Water for All

Danilo Gonçalves Borghi and Raffaele Morgantini

Feb. 2023

United Nations

The Implementation of UNDROP

Christophe Golay

Dec. 2022

Right to Peace, Social Rights, United Nations

Rethinking Peace Politics

Eva Wuchold and Jan Leidecker

May. 2022

Right to a Healthy Environment, Social Rights, Socio-Ecological Transformation, United Nations

More Than Hot Air?

Katja Voigt, Uwe Witt, David Williams, Tetet Lauron, Till Bender

Nov. 2021

Socio-Ecological Transformation, United Nations

Dangerous Distractions

Tetet Lauron, Nessim Achouche, Katja Voigt, Nadja Charaby

Jan. 2021

United Nations

Imperfect, But Essential

Stefano Prato

Dec. 2020

United Nations

A Year Without a COP

Nadja Charaby, Tetet Lauron, Katja Voigt

Nov. 2020