November 17, 2022

Just Transition is a necessity, not a possibility


The need for a Just Transition is crucial for workers and communities

As COP27 negotiations are ongoing in the first half of November, you may have seen many news stories and events invites calling for a “Just Transition”. Originally a concept developed within the trade union movement and communities affected by economic transitions away from polluting industries, it is now an internationally recognized set of principles that, if followed, will protect workers and communities during the global transition to a low carbon economy.

There is no single binding agreement on what Just Transition is and how policies must incorporate its principles, however, leaving interpretation open to the influence of corporate interests. This is why the COP negotiations represent an important battleground – the Paris Agreement enshrines a Just Transition for workers, and states are expected to integrate Just Transition into their commitments and climate plans.

The video below provides a basic overview of the concept and highlights the crucial role of the trade union movement in ensuring a Just Transition for workers and communities.