2 Dec. 2020

Can Germany Be a Force for World Peace?


Global Crisis – Global Solidarity #14

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December 2, 2020, 15:00-16:00 CET

The event is in English language only.

With Jan van Aken, Die Linke, Germany

For better or for worse, the Federal Republic of Germany enjoys a glowingly positive reputation in the world today. Noted for its stable democracy, world-class industry, and—at least until two decades ago—non-interventionist foreign policy. Despite being a leading arms exporter and a growing number of military deployments on foreign soil, Germany continues to be seen as a proponent of multilateralism and peaceful coexistence on the international stage. We’ll be joined by Jan van Aken, an expert on German arms sales and foreign policy and a member of Die Linke’s executive board, to ask whether Germany can really act as a “force for peace” in the world, and what ideas the German Left has to move in this direction.