1 Jan. 1970

Screening of “The Invisible”

Yann Hakam
In early October 2023, “The Invisible” had its world premiere at the 18th Marbella International Festival. The movie, produced by Filmerei and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, documents the everyday life of migrants in southern Spain, their inhumane work conditions and their hopes for a better, healthier and safer life.

In January 2024, the Swiss premiere took place in Geneva. This time, we are taking the movie to Bern for a screening followed by a discussion with the movie director, Sven Rufer as well as Nora Komposch,Sarah Schilliger and Noah Ramos. The movie will be screened with German subtitles. The entrance is free.

  • Where: Kino in der Reitschule, Bern
  • Date: 27th March 2024
  • Time: 19:00
  • Language: Original version with German subtitles

About the documentary

The film documents the everyday life of migrants in southern Spain. They pick the red berries for our
supermarket shelves under inhumane conditions. They talk about their lives, which are marked by violence, poverty, exploitation, lack of health care and lack of prospects.

Worldwide, 28 million people live in working conditions that are considered modern slavery. This also
applies to the 100,000 harvest workers in Huelva, Spain, who harvest fruit worth one billion euros every year. 100,000 individual fates that have one thing in common: they left their homeland for a better life – and did not find it.

Parallel to the stories of the migrants, a Swiss doctoral student, is researching the working conditions and the health consequences of these precarious living situations. Her conversations with representatives from trade unions, journalists, politics and academics show: there are no simple solutions. Spain, the EU, the major distributors and other profiteers do not seem to want to change anything.