December 11, 2020

Johan Galtung – a life for peace


In German language only!

L’Alfàs del Pi, Spain, September 2019

Johan Galtung (born 1930 in Oslo) is considered the founding father of peace and conflict research and coined the terms structural violence and positive peace. He developed the concept of Positive Peace, a state that goes far beyond the silence of weapons.

Johan Galtung has been awarded dozens of prizes and scientific dignities. Currently, Johan Galtung is Rector of TRANSCEND International Peace University, which he founded in 1992.

His most important writings include:

  • “Structural Violence. Contributions to Peace and Conflict Research”
  • “Peace by Peaceful Means. Peace and Conflict, Development and Culture”
  • Conflict and Conflict Resolution. An introduction to the Transcend method”

He celebrated his 90th birthday in October 2020. Johan Galtung continues to write articles and books.