10 May. 2022

Organizing for Power

Jane McAlevey and Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung

The Core Fundamentals

Date: Six consecutive Tuesdays from the 10th of May until the 14th of June.2022.

Time: The program runs twice daily for our global audience.Find your local start time for Session A or for Session B.

Register here by May 3: bit.ly/O4P-Core-About

The event will take place on Zoom with interpretation to Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. It can also be viewed (in English only) on Facebook Live and YouTube.

Our fifth full-length O4P training will focus on the five core organizing fundamentals:

  • leader identification, or: understanding who can move people (it’s often not who you first think);
  • semantics, or: the words we use matter – they have to center each worker’s active participation as key to winning;
  • structured organizing conversations, or: what it takes to recruit the hardest-to-recruit leaders;
  • charting, or: a simple method to understand human social relationships, and to prioritize and systematize outreach;
  • structure tests, or: mini campaigns to build solidarity and site structure, and to know when you are ready to win.

These essential skills serve as the building blocks of all winning campaigns. The Core Fundamentals uses the same curriculum as past Organizing for Power trainings for the simple reason that the fundamentals of success do not change; the real key is our ability to master them.

Since September 2019, O4P has hosted nearly 25,000 organizers from 110 countries. 75% of these attendees have been first-time O4P participants, while the rest are returning participants who understand that practice makes perfect. After all, if our lead trainer Jane McAlevey never stops practicing the fundamentals, then neither should you. In The Core Fundamentals, she and a growing team of trainers from across the globe will lead you through a program to better prepare you for the struggles, and victories, to come.

Over these past two years, the vast majority of our graduates have taken this program together with an organizing group, and most of them have used O4P to strengthen their existing campaign. We hope that this time will be no different. Registration is free and open exclusively to groups of 10+, and larger organizations should consider enrolling 30, 50, or even 100+ members.